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Lawn Care & Sno​w Removal Services

With compassion, care and responsible we provide a reliable services for Stoney Creek, Burlington and Oakville area. We are growing through our Client's trust since 2015. Please visit our face book page for more pictures of what we have done.

Grass Cutting

There is two kinds of frequency for this service; weekly or biweekly. 

We may start earlier or later than May 1st, depending on the grass growing conditions. However, regardless of when we start, we will cut grass for a total of 6 months.

* Weekly service period: May to October (26 service visits)

* Biweekly schedule: Weekly Grass cutting from May to June 15

and bi-weekly Grass cutting from June 15 to October 15 (17 service visits)

work scoop would be cut the grass, trim the edges and power blow your walk areas.

Grass clippings are mulched and left on lawn.

Sometimes grass mulch amounts may be too much and noticeable if left on the lawn, in this case, we will collect and put them in the bag.

The grass cut setting would be in 3 height.

Before and after this 6 month period we are available to provide the service on a “per call” basis.

Mulch and Topsoil 

It definitely gives a better look of the gardens. The flower beds may be need a little brushing up to give them a new refreshed look by adding new soil, wooden mulch, such as cedar mulch, or the red wood chips.

We can get to our supplier, get the necessary materials, bring them in and lay them down for you.

We can always do a bit of trimming and re-edging your flower beds to give them that maintained and fresh look


Time to time, the lawn soil becomes hard and dry, so air, water and nutrients are not absorbed by the lawn grass roots well.

The grass gradually begins to starve, loosing its healthy appearance.

A minimal aeration schedule would be to aerate once per year, but for a well maintained lawn, lawn aeration should be performed twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Our Lawn Aeration service will cut cylindrical soil cores from the ground, loosening the soil and creating openings in the lawn surface.

Air, water and nutrients will be readily available to be absorbed by the grass roots, the soil becomes softer making it easier for the grass roots to grow and spread, resulting in a healthier looking lawn.

Watering is much more efficient when the lawn has been aerated because aeration opens little holes in the lawn surface which allow water to go right into the soil instead of running off the lawn or staying on top and evaporating.

Leaf Raking 

We provide both Fall and Spring Leaf raking cleaning.

Our Fall Leaf Raking service is provided over two service visits, between Oct.15 and November 30.

The first leaf pickup is done when about haft of the leaves are down.

The second leaf pick up is done when most or all the leaves are down.

Our Spring Leaf Raking service is provided as soon as weather permits in the spring, from the end of March on.

In the Spring we rake all the leaves in one service visit.

The leaves are raked, bagged and left by your property’s side wall, or at your curb, as you specify, ready for municipal pick up.

Customer must provide the paper bags, you can leave the paper bags by your front porch, where we can find them when we pass by to rake your leaves.

We can also provide the bags and add it into the bill with the number of bags that we used in the two visits combined, according to our pricing quote.

You can also choose to have your leaves raked and dragged to your front culvert, left piled up loose, for municipal pick up with a vacuum.

We blow and rake your leaves into piles, load them onto a tarp, and drag them to your front culvert.

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